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+ Brand Identity 
+ Campaign
+ Motion Design
+ Copy Writing


D&AD New Blood Awards Winner 2023 - Gymshark

90% of Gen Z have experienced psychological or physical symptoms of stress within the last year, making them the most anxious generation to date.

Anxieties around body image specifically have contributed to increased rates of body dysmorphia and eating disorders, especially within gym culture. 

Studies have shown that aerobic exercises are the most effective method of reducing anxiety, this includes dance. Dance engages the entire body as well as the mind, focusing on the process rather than the results.

Let's boogie with GrooveShark, Sharing rhythm not results. Young people are already dancing, so here’s how sub-brand, GrooveShark will transform and condition this into exercise. 

Implementing a ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ system of dance lessons, events & Out Of Home activations. GrooveShark will encourage young people to get up & dance, no matter what their groove looks like. Whether it be through our in-app & social media dance lessons or by making use of our phone & mirror-free studio space, We'll make dancing a more accessible form of exercise for Gen Z. 


This brief was a group project, with my coursemate Oliver Scorey within this project, I participated in copywriting, scriptwriting, creating the campaign video, motion design, logo design and visual identity.


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