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The Invisible Artists

+ Motion Design


University - Third Year Project

Create a title sequence for Netflix’s upcoming documentary series Origins, which explores the origins of 20th-century art movements. 

I designed the title sequence for the episode about the feminist art movement. The concept for my title opening sequence focuses on the reaction which led the movement to begin, which was the pain of being invisible in the art society. From this I decided to focus on one iconic member of the feminist art movement as the main visual for my T.V. opening, thus using Frida Kahlo.


To visualise the concept for my title opening sequence in a bespoke manner I decided to use textiles as a way to reveal the ‘ghosts’ of art, making them come back into the scene of the art movement. Textiles are a key visual of the feminist art movement, as women often used alternative practices in order to stand out, thus I took inspiration from this, which led to the idea of unravelling yarn to reveal the ‘ghost’.

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